Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One In A Million

Sometimes I am reminded of how gay I was when I was younger and it makes me wonder how I managed to still tell myself I wasn't gay. One such instance happened tonight. Miss Congeniality was on TV and my friend Austin was watching it. Then at the following part of the movie, both of us started singing along, and we both admitted that we loved the song when we were younger. How did I not know I was gay when I liked songs like this?


BB said...

Listening to this song took me back to the gay clubs. How did you not realize? Oh the joys of internalized homophobia.

Butterflies and hand-grenades said...

I remember when I was, 11ish and first saw that movie...since than Sandra has joined my list of idols including: Lady gaga (of course), la Roux, Sandra Bullock, Oprah, Audry Hepburn, and many others...haha I really enjoy your blog for the following reasons.
One. you, unlike me, aren't scared of your name being online. Two. You are past the "WHAT SHOULD I DO" stage that most MOHO (And I HATE that phrase...) blog's are at and it is refreshing to see that not all of us (I have the LDS background but have been agnostic for over 2 years...I wonder if I still qualify..(?) And three your blog is not unreasonable. Most people seem to just post sob stories and it gets ridiculous and repetitive. Thanks for blogging and keep up the good work! -BHG

Captain Midnight said...

Haha. Well thank you for your fawning adoration (I need attention to live, so thank you for contributing to my supply). I also hate the term "moho". You keep up the non-sob-story blogging too :)