Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Save The Women's Research Institute

In October, BYU announced that they would be getting rid of the Women's Research Institute on campus. I first heard about the announcement on facebook through the status of a friend of mine. Hours later, she and a few other people had organized an effort to save the WRI. They created a facebook group and changed their profile photos to ones like the following:

I immediately joined the cause and then created a series of propaganda that really doesn't make sense, but is nice to look at:

(I like that she's holding the hot dog - or weenie - in her hand as though she has the power to destroy the manhood of anyone that dare cross her)

You wouldn't want your sister to end up looking like this, would you? (Well, that attractive Anna Wintour type person wouldn't be so bad...)

Okay, so this one is absolutely pointless, but damn he is attractive.

And this one is just good clean family fun, and I really think it gets across the urgency of the message.

UPDATE: Forgot to post this one.


El Genio said...

Hilarious! I love the hot guy ripping off his shirt, the maniacal cackle, and the lady gaga cameo.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Oh my gosh! Is there a petition somewhere for me to sign? I think you've convinced me. (Esp. with the Gaga and hot dog ones).

shaantvis said...

oh dear, your mock ads were hilarious. Hilarity aside it's a damned shame the WRI is gone.