Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Halloween Yearnings

I have been thinking long and hard about what to be for Halloween. I have a bad history of costume ideas. It seems every Halloween I either decide to be something that's not funny, or some obscure celebrity that nobody recognizes. Last year I was the girl who claimed that some Obama fans beat her up and marked a "B" on her cheek after a McCain rally (it was later found that she simply gave herself a black eye and carved the "B" on her own cheek. The "B" was backwards, obviously done in a mirror). I thought she was hilarious, but nobody else had been following her story, so nobody knew who I was.

My default costume during high school was Harry Potter. I usually had shaggy hair around Halloween, so all i did was put on a scar and don some glasses and I was set. In middle school, I simply wore a name tag that said "Tom Shane" from the Shane Co. (on the corner of State St. and 7200 S. Open Monday through Friday 'til 8, Saturday 'til 5, closed Sundays. Also available online at Shaneco.com).

Well, this year, I really want to be Anna Wintour. The hard thing for me to realize is that not everyone cares as much about her as I do. Not everyone follows Gawker religiously, mainly to get news about Anna Wintour. I've been looking online for Anna Wintour type wigs, to see how much this would cost to become a reality. But I'm starting to think it won't be worth it. Sure, I'll look stunning, but I think yet another evening of explaining my costume might not be worth it.


Grant Haws said...

This year I want to be the drag Liza Minelli... the moment I make-up hits my face I look just like her and I start talking about "Mama" and breaking into song.

David Baker-@DB389 said...

I was wondering what I should do for Halloween this year too! I will be here in DC and so I have a lot of options that open up haha. But I think you shouldn't be int he closet about being Anna Wintour even if I didn't know who she was and thought that the video you posted was a fake trying to represent Meryl Streep from the Devil Wears Prada (come on, that is totally the same office layout!)