Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obligatory September Masturbation Post

Since September is now National MoHo Masturbation Month I thought I'd contribute my two cents on the subject. Did you know that masturbation, though enjoyable, can also be incredibly creepy? Case in point, this video:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eht Weiv

About a month ago my friends and I decided to film a parody of The View to post on YouTube. I've held off on posting this video here because, in all honesty, it's not very good. The sound quality is horrible, and we're not as funny as we thought we were, but yeah... I guess I don't have anything to lose by posting it here. And if you're still wondering who I am, I'm the first one that shows up in the intro (and to be honest, the intro is the most worthwhile part of the whole video, save perhaps the commercial break). Enjoy (or at least try to)!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Halloween Yearnings

I have been thinking long and hard about what to be for Halloween. I have a bad history of costume ideas. It seems every Halloween I either decide to be something that's not funny, or some obscure celebrity that nobody recognizes. Last year I was the girl who claimed that some Obama fans beat her up and marked a "B" on her cheek after a McCain rally (it was later found that she simply gave herself a black eye and carved the "B" on her own cheek. The "B" was backwards, obviously done in a mirror). I thought she was hilarious, but nobody else had been following her story, so nobody knew who I was.

My default costume during high school was Harry Potter. I usually had shaggy hair around Halloween, so all i did was put on a scar and don some glasses and I was set. In middle school, I simply wore a name tag that said "Tom Shane" from the Shane Co. (on the corner of State St. and 7200 S. Open Monday through Friday 'til 8, Saturday 'til 5, closed Sundays. Also available online at

Well, this year, I really want to be Anna Wintour. The hard thing for me to realize is that not everyone cares as much about her as I do. Not everyone follows Gawker religiously, mainly to get news about Anna Wintour. I've been looking online for Anna Wintour type wigs, to see how much this would cost to become a reality. But I'm starting to think it won't be worth it. Sure, I'll look stunning, but I think yet another evening of explaining my costume might not be worth it.

I guess this makes us official

My sister just messaged me on facebook about our Christmas gift exchange. We alternate every year, so one year I'll give a gift to my sister and her husband, and the next I'll give it to my brother and his wife, etc. Well, this year, my sister asked if my boyfriend and I would like to be included on the gift exchange as a couple. So we'll be receiving a gift as a couple instead of just having me receiving the gift.

I'm still amazed at how far my family has progressed in the past year. I wanted more than anything for the family to view my boyfriend as just another in-law. I really feel that they are trying to include him in the family now.

And finally, in the interest of not posting boring photo-less posts, here is another photo that I like of me and my boyfriend. Apparently people like to take pictures of us walking from behind.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Really Want To See This

I love Anna Wintour. I wish I could be her for a day.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Why I use a pseudonym

A friend of mine asked me why I use a pseudonym on my blog, and it made me wonder.

Many of the people who might read my blog are friends with me on facebook, so they already know who I am, and any others who read it are welcome to add me on facebook as well, so it's not like I don't want the MoHo community to know who I am.

I like to use the excuse that I don't want my mom to find this blog and know it's mine. Well, if she reads any of the posts, she'll know for sure that it's mine. (Also, if you follow the "Connexion" link on my sidebar it takes you to a page that says "you have been referred by [my name]" and shows my photo. Haha).

So why do I use a pseudonym? I think it's mostly so my mom can't google my name and find me, honestly. So I've decided that though I will keep using my pseudonym, there's no harm in being more open about my identity. So here is the first photo I've ever posted of myself on this website. It's a photo of me and my bf. I know it doesn't show our faces, but hey, it's the first photo I've posted here. Baby steps...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So True

The only excuse for not knowing every detail about your child's life is having a life of your own.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Whole Family Knows Now

So my mom talked to my brother tonight and told him I'm gay. He'd already suspected and done some research on it, so he was already very understanding. He called me shortly after to say that he and his family love me, and me being gay doesn't change anything. The thing that made me a little sad is that my nephew cried when my brother told him that I wouldn't be baptizing him, but there's nothing I can really do about that. I didn't even know my nephew liked me that much. Haha. I'm glad I have such a loving family, and I'm glad that they are all so understanding. My mom said yesterday that my sister and my brother are a lot further in their acceptance of homosexuality than she was when she found out about me. I'm actually surprised at how well they are taking it. I figured when my sister found out she was going to cry every day for a year and then once a month every year after that, but she seems very accepting. And I like it that my brother keeps saying that me being gay doesn't change anything. I feel so lucky to have the family I do. They've come a long way in the past year and a half. I almost feel like thanking my cousin for outing me. Almost.

The question now remains: What do I do about extended family? Do I deal with them as they come, or do I come out publicly (via facebook or my other blog) and get it all over with? I really want to come out on facebook and see how many friends I lose, but I don't feel that it would be right to let the extended family know in that way. Thoughts?