Sunday, May 10, 2009

Walking to BYU

Since my gym is closed on Sunday, I decided to go on a walk tonight as a form of light Sunday exercise. I started by walking to the Provo temple and then to BYU campus. I'm glad I'm not going to school at BYU anymore, but I still kind of miss it. I did have some good times there and some great professors. I just wish the honor code office didn't exist. Anyway, it was a long walk, so I had a lot of time to think and listen to my iPod. It was really peaceful and really helped me relax. I also took the time to do stupid little things I'd never done before on campus. I didn't do anything big, I just sat down on stairs that are usually really busy, I went into little nooks I'd never been in before, etc. The biggest thing I did that I'd never done on campus before was touch Massasoit's taint. He's probably my favorite statue on BYU campus, and I considered it an honor to briefly poke under his skirts (I mostly did it because I figured that's probably the area he's less likely to have been touched by other BYU students. I like being unique, I guess). Anyway, my walk tonight made me want to go visit BYU some more during the summer. I miss the campus, especially when there's nobody there. Sunday night around nine o'clock is perfect.


Beck said...

I love returning to BYU during the summer, especially on a Saturday or Sunday evening when it is quiet and empty, and remember the little spots along the way that have significance to me. So much has changed and yet so much stays the same. I love the Maeser hill trails and bridges, the air vent by the Kimball tower, the grass above the temple, Rock Canyon. Each of these places has a particular memory, a particular feeling that continue to make me who I am.

I don't desire to go back to BYU as a student, but these spaces and times in my memory are still a part of me, especially when nobody's there...

Grant Haws said...

I am kind of the same way. I don't miss the Honor Code Nazis, but I did have a lot of good times there.

Sunday nights are perfect because it's like a ghost town and you feel like you have the whole campus to yourself.