Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mom found my myspace. Oh dear...

So I've been wanting to come out on facebook for a while, but I have too many family members as friends on there, so I came out on myspace a while back instead. My profile was set to private, so I thought all would be well.

Then today my mom asked me to dinner. I kind of suspected she wanted to talk to me about stuff, but I hoped it would just be dinner. We went to a restaurant and it was all good, then on the ride home she mentioned that she saw my myspace and saw that it said I'm in a relationship. Apparently when I upgraded my myspace profile to Profile 2.0, it reset my privacy settings so that the whole world could see my page. So far my mom has known that I'm gay but not that I'm in a relationship. She said that she has suspected for a while, and then asked if I was dating my boyfriend.

She was both sad and relieved. Sad that I'm not living celibate in the church, but relieved that I'm in a relationship with a good guy that she and my dad both like. She said that she really does want me to find someone to love, and she's happy that I'm dating who I am.

The one downside of the conversation was that she found my myspace page objectionable and gave me a big lecture about not posting stuff like that online. The whole time she was saying this, I couldn't think what on my myspace page would be considered objectionable. I really had no idea. After looking at my page again I'm pretty sure it was this cartoon that I posted. I don't find the cartoon that offensive, but I guess she does. Hmm.

Married To The Sea

Well, If mom has found me on my regular blog, on facebook, and now on myspace, it's probably only a matter of time until she finds me on this blog as well. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it though.


October Rising said...

oh wow. glad you have someone special in your life though :)

Ezra said...

Yeah, congrats on being in a relationship! //envious!

PS. That cartoon is pretty funny.