Monday, November 17, 2008

People You May Know

So this amazingly hot guy popped up on my "People You May Know" thing on facebook today. We have two mutual friends, and I know I don't know the guy, but I really want to add him so I can stalk his photos. Haha. I think I qualify as a professional facebook stalker (but not in a creepy way, I hope). Once for one of my classes we had to write a short biography of someone else in the class. The professor expected us to do an in-depth interview with the person and write a revealing bio. Well, instead of interviewing, I just added the girl on facebook and put my skills to use. I ended up writing a stunning bio that won the "Most Funny" award. Good times.


invisible said...

You should totally add me on Facebook!

Cadence said...

how does one contact you? I'm not a fan of facebook but I had a couple of questions for you... thanks

Romulus said...

Ahh, the wonders of Facebook stalking. Just read your blog really quick and you sound like a fun person. You go to BYU?